Teacher's Auto Text


Everything you need to make your class the most important of the day... 

When your students know their parents will be contacted daily, you will get their best effort.  The work for your class will be completed before any of their other classes.  Your class becomes the most important class of the day to each of your students. 

Download Now for Free!

*Must have Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel (2013 or Newer) installed on your computer.
**Will not run on Mac's.

If you use Teacher's Auto Text consistently (daily) it will revolutionize your classroom.  Give it a try, you will be shocked how much your parents like the communication and the new level of dedication from your students.

Download Problems?

Your computer will probably try to block the download the first time you download Teacher's Auto Text.

This is the fix...

1. Select "Keep"

2. Select "More info"

3. Select "Run anyway"